Macho brace and pokerus

The Power Items adds the extra 4 EV Points for one stat only. Answer Save. True if you look it separetly, but its actually a x4 boost if you combine them both. In the third generation games, where training is capped to a maximum, the Pokérus does not raise this maximum limit. Having both gives the highest number of effort values earned from the Poke job. Only one in each game. It doubles EVs gained and can be combined with Macho Brace and Power Items. Jul 15, 2008 · a problem with ev training Pokemon - Diamond, Pearl & Platinum Help Forum : Pojo. So if you have everything: A lead Pokemon with Macho Brace and a benched Pokemon with a Power item and Pokerus, 5 EVs per battle will turn into 36 EVs per battle! So 7 battles will place you at exactly 252 EVs, which is the cap for EVs. Jun 13, 2007 · Pokerus is totally random, your Pokémon might catch it when they have fought with a WILD pokemon that has it. Ofcourse, such a great condition has it's rules. com Forums > Pokémon > Pokemon killed the guy on the cycling road that has 2 straptors 3evs given *2 for macho brace *2 again for pokerus 12 evs each right 2 each battle 24evs i did that 6 times which gave 144 speed evsOct 29, 2011 · so i have been looking at sites on how to EV train, and its going okay, but i want to get the most out of my Pokemon. For example, if you battle a Pokémon with 1 EV point given this example, you will obtain 4 EV points, which is one stat raise per that Pokémon! EV points have limits, unfortunately. Apr 26, 2009 · Myths about the Pokerus: - You can legally have higher than 510 EVs because of this. - Meh, it's like having a macho brace. If you double 3 EVs to 6 if you're holding a Macho Brace, Pokerus turns that into an amazing 12 EVs. Pokerus lasts for about 2 days. Oct 14, 2013 · PokeRus Just like Macho Brace, you can equip your character with PokeRus and double up the amount of EV earned. Macho brace doubles all the EV points you get, and it stacks with pokerus, so if you have pokerus and macho brace, you would get 4x more EVs. Between the Macho Brace and Pokerus, EV training time is 25% what it would normally be. The overall effect on a Pokémon's strength is thus negligible, as a Pokémon can be Sep 20, 2017 · Pokerus is a condition when your Pokemon gains double the amount of EVs. 6 Answers. The power items is a whole lot faster than macho brace. Power Weight gives 4 extra HP EV Points after battle Power Bracer gives 4 extra Attack EV Points after battleMay 07, 2010 · pokemon ss (anklets or macho brace)? hey so i was just wondering which is better for ev yield, the anklets or the macho brace. If you had no pokerus and just macho brace, you would have 2x more EV. eg you win against wild pidgey with macho brace since pidgey gives 1 Speed EV and you have Macho brace on charizard you now get 2 EV in speed, but with pokerus on charizard multiply by 2. This virus will allow your Pokemon to gain Effort Values (EV) twice as fast as before. For example, killing a Lillipup with pokerus will give you 2 Attack EVs instead of 1. With Pokerus and a Macho Brace, after giving you guys 10 vitamins, you will only need to battle 19 2EV Pokemon to max out one stat. There is a maximum of 510 EV points obtainable, but there is a limit to 255 EV Jul 21, 2010 · Yes you do get less EV points if you don't use macho brace /power items. Better yet, it stacks on Macho Brace. PokeRus and Macho Brace double the EV Points earned after battle. So, if you get 4 EVs from a Power item, Pokerus turns that to 8. But I remembered I put my Pokemon I was EV Training in my PC and saved the game. PokeRus and Macho Brace can be stacked meaning that equipping both Macho Brace and . Not a big difference? 200 Lillipups vs 100 Lillipups. That is quite a large difference in their stats. Effort Values make a huge difference in the long run. It works like a Macho Brace, it'll double the Effort Values you obtain without taking speed, and for super training you may also attach a Macho Brace …But if a Pokémon holds Macho Brace and has Pokérus, it will obtain x4 EV points. Pokerus just multiplies whatever EV you have by 2. [With Pokerus, it means EV Gained x 4]A. However, if you put a Pokemon with Pokerus in the PC, it will last until you take it out. At level 100, an Adamant Haxorus with absolutely no EVs will have only 363 Attack, while an Adamant Haxorus with 252 EVs in Attack will have a whopping 432 Attack. I wont get my Pokemon's stats asJul 25, 2009 · Como dices el exp share, no multiplica la experiencia, pero al repartirla, los 6 pokemons ganan EVS, y seria mejor que usar el Macho brace combinado con Pokerus, pero la cuestion es que los 6 pokemons deben de ganar evs en el mismo stat (sea el caso de un Raichu, Gardevoir, Electrode, Alakazam, Starmie y Manectric, que suben sus stats en SpATK The predecessor of the Power Items, the Macho Brace, when held by a Pokémon, doubles the amount of EVs earned through battles, while still cutting speed in half during battle. Mar 31, 2010 · SO with pokerus it would be (2 x 2) so 2 EV from macho X 2 = 4 EV gain total. The use of Power Items, Macho Brace, and/or PokeRus. The Macho Brace doubles EV yield earned in battle, similar to the Pokerus. EV Training a Pikachu? Moveset? Help? Following along this train of thought, from my understanding, it may save my sanity if I loaded Pikachu up with Pokerus. The drawback in this and in fact all the held items affecting EVs, is that in battle your speed is cut in half. Then I got the rest of the EVs, but he didn't level up, so I saved the game and used a rare candy, his Defense went up by 15 (I was EV Training in Defense), then I soft …Pokerus, shortened to PKRS in the stats screen, is a very useful and VERY rare virus in the pokemon world. If you're going to spend much time doing EV training, finding someone online who will trade you a Pokemon with Pokerus (who's still contagious) is a must. I want to get through this first. i heard macho brace doubles your ev yield while the anklets x4 it? is this true? thankyou. For example, trainers who attach a power item but don’t have Pokerus …Feb 20, 2010 · It's basically a Macho Brace without taking up a hold item slot. Dec 07, 2017 · Pokerus doubles EV's gained from defeating any other pokemon, to be precise, its a free Macho Brace. THEREFORE total of 4 SPEED EVS. I'll try and post their locations later. For an easy time getting EVs check out these hot spots I found: [Attack Spot | Super Rod] Gyarados - 2 Attack Point(s) 1) Fly to the Resort Area head North towards Rt 228. Feb 11, 2011 · anyways, I was EV Training my Pokemon, I got over 100 EVs in one level, and only got a +7 boost (I have Pokerus and Macho Brace). If the Macho Brace is held by a Pokémon, they will earn double the EVs after the fight, at the cost of temporarily halving their Speed, reducing the number of fights by a healthy half! There are similar items that temporarily reduce Speed and promote individual EV gain too. So then, say I went and fought a Starly for speed, I would then end up with 4 EVs Nov 21, 2019 · Certain factors such as the Pokerus and Power items can also increase the amount of effort values received. It's the same thing as using the Macho Brace, except you don't have to hold an item and you don't cut your speed in half like that item does. Also, even if it gets cured, which the games portray as the Pokemon becoming immune to it, it still doubles the EV gains after that, any mon that has been infected has it forever. Originally introduced in Gen III, this was a helpful tool in EV training, but as the Power Items were introduced in Gen IV, Macho Brace became completely outclassed. But if a Pokémon holds Macho Brace and has Pokérus, it will obtain x4 EV points. Nope, you can't get passed the 510 legal max. Macho Brace and Pokerus. Assuming I did that, it would also be good if I gave it my macho brace from an old Diamond game. i will not be using pokerus or whatever. This effect is cumulative with the Macho Brace, and an infected Pokémon with such an item effectively trains at four times its normal rate. Dec 31, 2010 · First, there's the Macho Brace, introduced in Generation III. Power Items Macho Brace: Doubles any EVs gained in battle. There is a maximum of 510 EV points obtainable, but there is a limit to 255 EV Pokerus – This is a virus that wild Pokemon and traded Pokemon sometimes carry

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