Wash face after aztec healing mask?

Simply wash it off with warm water when done (you can do this right before hopping in the shower for convenience To apply the Aztec face mask, you can use your fingers or a brush to create a 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick layer of the clay on your face and then let it dry. It worked markedly better than before even. 30. Amazon reviews have been edited for length and clarity. (10 minutes for sensitive skin). Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask. It worked markedly . Drying duration vary. Bonus: You can also use it to make your natural deodorant work better !*Update: After many suggestions from Amazon reviews and a reader writing in, I tried the Aztec Mask mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar. The recommended time for a delicate skin is 5 minutes and 15-20 minutes for a normal skin. We Tried The Aztec Healing Clay Mask And It Really Made A Difference So we had four people with different skin types try the mask for five days straight to see if their skin improved Oct 19, 2017 · Get the Aztec Healing Clay Mask from Amazon for $8

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